How To Win At Life

Have you ever wondered what it really takes to live a life you love?

A life that is free of emotional pain, constant regrets, financial struggles, and learned hopelessness. A life where you can give yourself permission to actually tap into your full potential with absolute belief and certainty in yourself. A life filled with hope, love, enthusiasm, and an abundance of joy and bliss…

If you are the type of person who is 100% fulfilled and already living this kind of life, then this is not for you. Please leave this page and keep on being awesome!

But if you are like 97% of the people out there who are NOT living this incredible lifestyle, waking up every single day to a life you dread… doing work you hate… and not living up to your full potential… then I would like you to imagine this:


Having complete freedom to live anywhere in the world doing meaningful work that is literally changing the lives of others and making the world a better place.

– Imagine being able to harness your own inner peace and happiness.

– Imagine waking up excited to start your day, every day.

– Imagine no longer having to deal with fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs.

– Imagine being able to constantly live a life of meaning and significance.

And best of all…

– Imagine being able to do this only 90 days from now (maybe less).

Imagine not having to buy any course out there, and having the confidence and courage to take massive action towards your dreams and ambitions… immediately overcoming your sense of overwhelm and information-overload.

The fastest way to propel yourself from a life of half-assed decision and constant regrets… to one of absolute happiness and an abundance of joy and passion… is by having a strong vision and a proper road map.

''Don’t worry about being successful, but work toward being significant and the success will naturally follow.” – Oprah Winfrey

I genuinely believe that, as people of the world, we were all made equal. We all have the potential to achieve great things in our lives… to be the best versions of ourselves… but not all of us have the proper direction necessary.

In order to get the life you want, you need to steer the sails of your life in the right direction… otherwise you’ll be lost at sea without a clue where to turn.

For years and years on end (almost a decade now) I’ve struggled desperately to figure out what I needed to do in order to make it on my own. And as a result… I’ve been broken countless of times, penniless, shunned to the curb, and rejected more times than I could count.

I always believed that my success depended on other people and external circumstances, but I was wrong! Because no matter what you’ve been told or read about in fairy tales… the fact is that no one will save you.

You need to save yourself.

And it wasn’t until recently that I finally realised that the best way forward towards you dreams and unimaginable success in all areas in your life is by adopting the philosophies and traits of those who have already achieved whatever it is you want to achieve.

Anything else is unnecessary, irrelevant, and will only hold you back (and often take your money). I found this through books, blogs, and mentors.

And what I discovered is surprising, to say the least.

The biggest difference between those who ‘make it’ and everyone else… is just a couple of habits and disciplines away… easily attainable with the right guidance and direction.

The most fascinating thing about the top 3% who are happy and living a life they love… is that they are the type of people who constantly practice gratitude, give back more than they receive, take massive action towards their dreams, and believe in the absolute power of certainty.

These are all habits and characteristics that can easily be adopted by you.

”If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” – Tony Robbins

Better yet, countless studies and research has shown that spiritual, financial, and emotional success has absolutely nothing to do with your finances, where you came from, or who you know… more importantly it is about heart.

The one thing we all have but almost always take for granted.

– With heart, you can win the crowd over and find genuine relationships.

– With heart, you can learn to love yourself for who you really are.

– With heart, you can live out your true purpose in life.

– With heart, you can find meaning in your everyday adventures.

With heart, you can wake up excited to life… deciding to never settle for anything less than what you are destined to be… living with passion instead of learned-helplessness.

– With heart, you can set the sails of your life towards your grander vision.

And most importantly…

With heart, you can find your own inner-peace and happiness regardless of where you are or what your situation currently is in life…

If you’ve been struggling to achieve emotional, spiritual, & financial success and would like to tap into your inner potential and reap the incredible rewards of your true abilities… giving yourself the gift of waking up every single day to a life of adventure and meaning… a life of profound service towards yourself and others around you…

Then you’re about to discover…

The 22 most valuable characteristics you can immediately adopt from the worlds greatest achievers in order to live a life you love.

Let’s get started.

Raise Your Standards:

You’d be surprised by how low our standards are. 

We eat toxic foods, watch self-degrading television shows, hang around mindless individuals, and settle for the first job we can get.

We’ve been conditioned to conform to societies limitations because of the fear that if we don’t, we will probably end up smoking crack on the street curb.

I call bull!

What you probably didn’t know is that all of the worlds greatest achievers are those who have raised their standards and dismissed any of the fear inducing lies that marketers, politicians, and corporations have been telling us for years.

They only eat healthy foods, they never watch TV, they read the smartest books, hang out with successful people, and choose to never settle… but rather to do whatever it takes to make their dreams come true.

Will it be easy? Not a chance in hell.

It will probably be the hardest you ever had to do.

But as with all great things in life, hard work always pays off.

Always Be Honest:

Honesty and trust are both such a rare commodity that anyone who lives by these values will undoubtedly find themselves pulled towards the best life has to offer in terms of personal relationships and business success.

Be Kind To Others:

The key to peoples hearts comes in the form of kindness.

There is no doubt about it.

As individuals, we hold a lot more power and are way more responsible for the quality of life of others than we’d like to think… and kindness towards your friends, family, and strangers is the first step towards a remarkably better life.

A smile shared with a stranger can drastically change the quality of their day.

And yours too for that matter…

Patience Is Your Best Friend:

Gods delays are never Gods denials.

If I always got everything I have ever wanted, I would never have had the quality of life that I now have. Patience teaches us to stay humble, to have more faith, and most importantly is a test to see how bad we want something.

Nothing worth having ever comes easy, and if you REALLY want something… then the entire universe will help you to get it (and you will get it eventually)… but, only after you’ve gone through your fair share of pain, battles, struggle, trials, and hurt. Remember, only those who want something bad enough will be patient enough to receive it.

Be Compassionate

Because we are all in this thing called life together and those who least deserve compassion are often times the ones who need it the most. Never forget that everyone has to their own struggles and battles they need to face on a daily basis… and compassion towards others will give them one less reason to give up. It will also allow others to be compassionate towards you.

Give More Than You Receive:

Always give more than you receive in your personal relationships, with clients, and anyone else for that matter. People really value effort, and those who stand out of the crowd (and are rewarded the most financially and emotionally) are those who always over deliver and give more than they have received.

The secret to success is giving.

The other day I was working with a web designer, and as soon as he finished the job he apologized for the delay and immediately offered to re-design my site at no extra cost. This blew my mind! And as a result, I will continue to work with him.

Sure, this is just a small sample of this idea… but still, it can be applied to all different aspects of your life (including charity).

Don’t Take Things Personally:

Seriously, most people are full of shi* and often speak from their own experience that has absolutely nothing to do with you and your own life. Try and understand that most people have good intentions but are conditioned to believe whatever their experiences have led them to believe.

Do you think that my family and friends have any idea about online marketing and blogging? Not a chance in hell! But I do.

I’ve spent years and years… everything there is to know about these art forms and their discouragements will only give me the fuel I need to keep on going. Taking things personally would have destroyed me and locked me into a life of corporate chains and mediocrity.

And because of this, YOU and only YOU know your ‘thing’ and what you want to do… what you need to do… so ignore everyone else and never EVER take things personally. 

Good intentions often come in the form of bad judgements.

Spend Less Than You Earn:

This is the best advice for anyone who wants to become wealthy.

No matter how much you earn, always spend less.

Do away with all of the things you don’t need (like 12 pairs of shoes, bags of clothes, and all the latest gadgets).

At the end of the day, we really don’t need much to survive and be happy. As long as you have shelter, food, and companionship… you’ll be just fine.

By spending less than you earn and saving the rest (let’s say 10% of your salary), you will always have more money at the end of each month.

This will gradually add up to a decent amount that you can then go on to invest and make even more money! Spending more than you earn will only cause you stress, debt, and unnecessary pain.

If A Thing Doesn’t Give Your Heart Peace, Leave It:

This is easier said than done, but often times we actively choose to stick with things that we know are bad for us.

– Hurtful relationships.

– Dead end jobs.

– Unhealthy diets.

These are all the root cause of most of our pain and suffering, yet we continue to stick with them.

The fact is that real and lasting happiness comes from peace of heart, and if there’s one thing that you get from this entire article make sure that it is this. If a thing doesn’t give your heart peace, leave it and move on.

Learn to always follow your heart and you’ll be just fine.

Believe in the Power of Certainty:

Nothing will give you more drive, strength, and energy to pursue whatever it is you want to pursue than the power of certainty! Being certain about a certain goal or objective will not only propel you towards what you want to achieve… but will also cause certain chemicals in your brain to react and make you that much more confident and assured of your abilities.

Many tests have been done, and there is a massive correlation between the way you think about a certain task and the physiological implications. If you don’t believe me, you can try it out for yourself!

Take a second to close your eyes and image a task that you haven’t yet finished. Now put yourself in a position where you aren’t really confident that you can accomplish it. How does that make you feel?

If you’re anything like me, then you’ll immediately notice your shoulders slouch and won’t ‘feel’ in the mood to pursue that task any more.

Now do the same thing and make sure that you are certain about finishing it.

Be certain about it and imagine yourself in that position!!

What happened?

If you’re like anyone else, then you immediately get into a better posture… and just feel a lot more confident and able to do whatever it is you are set out to do.

Be certain about all of the things you want to accomplish and it will be much (MUCH) easier to accomplish them.

Have a Vision, Not Goals:

Having goals will only get you to the next pit stop. Having a vision will keep you going for life (through thick and thin).

Love Yourself Before Loving Others:

You never want to be in a position where you are dependant on others for your own self-worth and happiness. And because of this, it is REALLY important to LOVE YOURSELF before you are able to love others. Otherwise, you will become needy and depend on the love of others for any sort of fulfilment and belonging.

Loving others before you are able to love yourself will also make you do some really insane things and override your core morals and values (trust me, I would know).

So how about you walk up to the closest mirror and tell yourself this:


I love you,

Really, I do.

I know I’ve been tough on you,

I know I don’t treat you the way I should…

But I love you.

Know this.

I love you.


Associate With the Poor, Learn From the Best, & Speak to the Wise:

Associating with the poor will make you more humble, teach you kindness, and help you to be more grateful for all of things you do and do not have. From my experience, the poor are some of the most giving and nicest people I have ever met… and there are just so many benefits to associating with them.

When it comes to learning, make it a priority to only learn from the best. Anyone else is simply a poser and probably doesn’t know as much about their craft as they claim to. The best of the best in the entire world will help you to get to where you want to get much faster.

I am all too guilty of hanging around mindless individuals who talk nothing but bull and gossip. There is no problem with this on occasion, but speaking to those who are wise in stead will benefit you by leaps and bounds and give you an all new perspective of your life. Speaking to the wise will also influence you to starting acting (and speaking) more like them too.

You are (it’s been proven by science baby!) the culmination of your five closet friends you meet the most, so choose wisely… as it will effect each and every single aspect of your life.

Take Massive Action Towards Your Dreams:

Massive action leads to massive results, and in turn build and creates a greater sense of confidence. This allows you to keep on taking massive action and getting awesome results! It’s a great cycle. On the flip side, half-assed action creates poor results which will destroy your confidence and handicap you from taking any more action.

Be Grateful:

Practising gratitude is not rocket science. Gratitude is an emotional muscle, one that (if practised regularly) can bring you an abundance of joy and happiness in your life. The more you practice gratitude, the happier you will be… it’s that simple. Think of it like this.

Think of gratitude as an element… as it’s own separate entity that has nothing to do with you or your belongings. Gratitude is a force that anyone can use to tap into it’s power.

Gratitude gives you permission to be happy for the things you have (and don’t have). How awesome is that?

And when you can learn to be fine and thankful for all the things you lack (with gratitude of course), than achieving inner happiness becomes a whole lot easier.

When you adopt this type of philosophy, not only will you be able to be happy with whatever situation you are in… but you will also be able to use it as a way to empower yourself and others around you.

You can never change your situation, but by being grateful… you can always control the way you react to it.

Believe In Yourself:

Everyone will doubt you.

Your parents, your closest friends… whatever you aspire to do, they will most likely not believe in you simply because they have different ideas, experiences, and expectations about life.

Even worse, you will always doubt yourself and your own abilities. I doubt myself every single day. And because of this, you need to make it a priority to always believe in yourself.

Forget about the naysayers and believe in whatever it is you want to do.

Understand that the universe favours the bold.

The universe conspires with the bold.

This DOES NOT mean you will achieve success over night… but the story you need to tell yourself is that everything you are doing right now will lead you on the path that you are meant to be on.

Believe in yourself, listen to the language of the world… hold on to your faith, work hard, and let the universe show you your destined path.

After all, if even YOU can’t believe in yourself, why will anyone else?

Define Your Purpose:

Because having a strong and powerful purpose that is greater than yourself will keep you going through all of the tough times. You need to understand why you do what you do and make it the biggest part of who you are and your identity.

As an example, my greater purpose is to simply inspire others to achieve their greatest potential.

My passion for writing, entrepreneurship, and blogging alone would never give me the energy and vitality to keep on doing what I do… especially with all the failures I’ve had… but when I can use all of these for a greater purpose… and truly understand that my work can affect the lives of others in a positive way… it gives me the drive I need to keep on pushing forward.

What is your purpose?

Never Force People to Do What You Want:

Instead, try and inspire them to conspire towards your ideals and pursuits that you believe in. Forcing others to do what you want will only:

1 – Make them hate you or dislike you. This is not a good thing.

2 – Make them do a half-assed job, which benefits no one. This will distract them from whatever they are truly meant to be doing, and you don’t want that to be on your conscience.

3 – It’s unethical, and only shows your lack of courage and understanding of people.

Trying to force others to do what you want to do happens a lot with parents and their children, couples, as well as business relationships… and I can say with absolute certainty that it has never created any sort of greater bond or connection between them.

Only dictators force others to do things, real leaders inspire people to take action.

Pray Often:

Whatever your religion, making prayers on a daily basis will bring you closer to your spiritual side and will cleanse your soul from any sort of emotional corruption you might be experiencing. Just how our bodies need food to survive, your soul needs prayers to thrive.

What are prayers exactly?

It’s simple.

Prayers is your alone time with God.

What this means is that there is no written formula… use this time to talk to God on your own accord, praise Him, thank Him for all of the blessings in your life… and ask for the things that you believe will benefit you in this life and the next.

Be Vulnerable:

Each and every single one of us spends a lot of time, money, and energy trying to cover up our flaws and damaged parts. At social gatherings we smile with everyone we meet, on social media we shoot selfies and portray the best versions of ourselves… but when we are alone we fall back into our slumber and obsess about each and every single thing that is wrong with us.

Do you smile when you are alone? Are you happy when you are alone?

Being vulnerable will allow others to see the real you.

The YOU that is human and flawed, damaged, insecure, and far from perfect.

No one is perfect, not even the super stars you see on the big screen… or the athletes and their glamorous lives.

We all have our demons and problems to deal with.

Being vulnerable will also allow people to trust you more, relate to you, and create bigger, better, and stronger bonds between you and those you care about in your life. Vulnerability is the key to communicating with others on a deeper level… opening the floodgates for better understanding and and better friendships.

Forgive Daily:

The main reason why so many of us live with anger, hatred, fear, and doubt in our hearts is because of an inability to forgive those who have harmed us in one way or another. This is understandable, but in all honesty… you are doing harm to no one but yourself.

And seriously, it’s not like you’ve never made a mistake.

How would it feel like if others weren’t able to forgive you?

Which is why it is really important to forgive EVERYONE for whatever they’ve done to you and just move on with your life. You’ll love yourself for it, you’ll feel like a million bucks for being the bigger man (or woman), and you’ll finally be able to sleep like a baby.

Live With Passion:

Passion is your energy on fire. It’s contagious! And the most passionate people are the sexiest (no matter what you look like).

Sure, it’s great if you get to do what you are passionate about for a living… but that’s not what I am talking about here. What I am talking about is living your life with passion… trying to find bliss and enjoyment in everything you do.

How can you do this? It’s simple.

Give your absolute best and all in everything you do… from washing the dishes to your day job.

When you live with passion, people will notice you, and then they will love you, and then they will promote you, and then you will be rich and happy.

Did I mention that passionate people are the sexiest?

If you can find the time to practice all of the above on a regular basis, you will undoubtedly notice your life shifting from where it is now to a much more positive and peaceful existence. It will change the way you think, the way you behave, the way you think, and most importantly… the way you feel.

All for the better.

And if you are having trouble making the necessary adjustments, then try and take it one step at a time. Make it a priority to practice at least three a day for 10 minutes a day. Keep doing this until it becomes a habit and you’ll notice drastic changes in your life.