Why Your Creative Pursuits Matter

I truly, deeply and sincerely believe that deep down inside we are all artists.

Even if we might not be artists in the traditional sense of the word, we all crave the desire to just create and make things and share our own perspectives and stories with the world through the mediums, art-forms and platforms the suit us best.

It’s the reason why social networks are wildly popular.

We all want to matter, and what better way to matter than by creative pursuit?

As artists we’ve been deprived for too long.

We’re afraid of being judged, of being called out as the weird ones - and too often we’re told that our creativity will never make us any money so it’s just not worth it.

Screw the money.

Creative pursuits should be accepted because of a will to share your own unique ideas with the world, to keep you sane and able to perform acts of deepest sincerity towards the people you share your work with… to live out your life purpose.

And if you can make money out of it (which is easier than ever) - then amazing!

If you can’t, then it doesn’t really matter.

Because at the end of the day, we were all made to create.

Regardless of what our day job is or what we do in order to make money.

Even cavemen would use clay and mud to paint on the walls of their caves.

Ancient Arab men would recite poetry to keep their souls alive…

Apple sells the best phones and computers in the world, but one of the main reasons why they’ve been so successful is because Steve Jobs knew that their products are the best out there for helping regular folk like you and I create awesome stuff... the desire to create is engraved in our DNA.

And now, in a world where the tools to create are at our fingertips, we stall. We stall and complain and fear life because we don’t feel alive anymore. Always looking for the easy way out and never willing to put in the work and just create.

Just create…

It’ll serve you well.

Being able to create and share your art with the world has never been easier.

I know a guy who works at a regular office job.

By day he’s just like any other person you might come across.

But when the work hours end and everyone else heads home to watch TV and wind down after a long day of work… he’s out taking some of the most memorable photographs I have ever seen. His work inspires me to be better every single day.

It inspires thousands of people from around the world.

And this guy is not famous and does not make any money from his art.

He has never been to New York and was never privileged in any way whatsoever.

But he’s leaving behind a legacy that matters to more people than he will ever know. And it all started by picking up a camera and taking his very first shot.

Granted, they sucked at first.

But day after day they got better.

One shot today.

A legacy tomorrow.

After all, isn’t that what we all want?

To be remembered for something bigger than ourselves?

Here’s another example.

I know a girl who started to learn the art of design just for the sake of it.

Design was never her life's work and she had no intention to make money out of it.

But deep down she knew that she could inspire at least one person a day if she was to create inspirational designs and post them on Facebook for her friends to see.

After a while her designs got better and shared more often.

This was her creative pursuit.

And today it’s the backbone of her entire business.

Without taking the first step, she would never be where she is today.

Which is to say...

Follow your creative pursuits.

Let them guide you into a world of wonder and expression.

To surround you with a childlike sense of amusement.

Sky high.

That’s where we need to aim.

And while you’re at it, shoot right at the heart.

That’s when your creative pursuits will matter the most.

When you can touch a person's heart with a simple story told, a poem recited, a photograph taken or any other form of creative expression known to man & woman. Life has already been dictated to us by our superiors, the society, corporate advertising and everything else that revolves around the idea of making a profit.

Your creative pursuit is one of the only things that you and only you have complete and absolute control over. Don’t let them take that from you as well. Please don’t.

It’s easier now than ever to share your creative pursuits with the world. To make an impact far beyond the realms of what was possible just a few years ago.

One shot today.

A legacy tomorrow.

Forever on a mission to live out your life’s true purpose.

"Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing." - Theodore Roosevelt