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What Is Fabric Folks?

Fabric Folks is a digital agency that helps brands create better content for their Facebook pages in order to get more shares, more likes and more overall engagement.

The Best In The Business 

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  • Shopify

    As a result of our work with Shopify, their Facebook engagement is at an all time high with posts getting a minimum of 200x the love they were previously.

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  • Neil Patel

    In just a few months we helped Neil Patel increase his social engagement on Facebook by an average of 10x, skyrocketing comments and shares on each post.


Your Facebook Page Never (Ever) Looked So Good

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  • The Highest Engagement Rates

    Our work constantly & consistently gets our clients the highest engagement rates on their Facebook pages. 

  • Make A Bigger Impact

    Reach more people with content that is guaranteed to be shared more by fans and followers of your Facebook page.

  • Content That Is Relevent

    There are a few types of content that are relevant to your followers. We double down on these types of content.

  • Super SEO Friendly

    SEO and Social Media go hand in hand. The more engagement you get on SM, the higher you rank on SEO.

  • Native Content Works Better

    Because content created specifically for Facebook gets more love than content shared from other platforms.

  • We Work With Top Designers

    That's right! We only work with top designers in order to create Facebook content that truly stands out.

  • Use On Any SM Platform

    Our content has been known to outperform even on other platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, etc...

  • Custom Designs Only

    All of our designs and content are custom designed for you and your company. Truly original.

  • Better First Impressions

    First impressions matter. In fact, it can make all the difference. That's why we only work with top designers.

Work With Us

We believe deeply in practicing what we preach, which is why we offer all serious candidates a free 5-day trial to show you just how magical Facebook marketing can truly be.

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