Gird Your Loins For Failure

In a recent interview with Vince Gilligan the creator of award winning television show Breaking Bad (which by the way is such an awesome show), Vince was asked by the interviewer about what it is that he attributes most of his success to.

His advice?

To anyone who wants to ‘make it’ as a success, you need to...

‘Gird your loins for failure’.


And as strange as this advice might sound, I’ve found it to be completely true in my own life and in the life of others around me who have found their little success.

My wife is such an example.

She had failed countless times before finding her success.

And with every failure she learnt something new about business.

Something new about what she was doing right, what she was doing wrong, and what she needed to do in order to avoid her past mistakes and missteps.

The entire process took approximately seven years.

But before I get to her, I’d like to talk a little about what Vince said next.

Sure, you have to fail many times in order to find your success - but even more importantly Vince states that you should never try to chase something just because it’s what you think the buyer wants. The reason? When you are only out to chase the money, you lose all sense of authenticity and creativity… the two things that make any business or work of art truly uniquely yours and distinctively awesome.

And I completely agree with him.

In all of my work, I’ve never been able to get far when I did it solely for the sake of money… or because I thought that it’s something that the buyers wanted.

What’s more, when you’re in it for the money… it’s really easy to lose your sense of moral standing - because greed is one of the most evil motivators out there.

Chasing the money is the wrong approach to take.

Because when it is truly a labour of love, when you approach business with the sincerest of intentions… you naturally want to give it your all… the love you bring to the tables transcends into an unseen energy that gives your customers ease and comfort… passion for your work will shine bright... and passion is contagious… you’ll come off as more authentic, and as a result… more trustworthy.

Now back to my wife.

Before she ever became known as an ‘entrepreneur’, she had failed numerous times before finding her small success in doing online business with awesome ladies. The most interesting thing to me about her story is that she never really considered her failures to be failures, but instead saw them merely as testing grounds. What’s more, each one of these projects were labours of love, so even if they didn’t go as well as planned… she really enjoyed doing them… so it didn’t really matter. When you take this approach, things become much simpler.

A lot less stressful.

And you’re able to go from...

‘OMG. I’m putting in so much time and effort. This has to work, I can’t fail’.


‘I’m doing this out of pure love and joy. I don’t care about the end result because this is what I am meant to be doing regardless of what people think of it’.

So here’s to the cool cats.

Because they always win in the end.

Not the most talented.

Not the most privileged.

And not the ones with the most money.

It’s always the cool cats that win.


‘It’s crazy, I know it’s out there. It’s edgy, whatever… sign on to this crazy dream with me, let’s try to do this together… and we’ll probably go down in flames… but let’s take a shot. It’s better to fail doing something you love, than doing some hack work you’re only partially invested in.’ - Vince Gilligan