Stop Giving In To Meaninglessness

For the longest time I could never comprehend my unusually intense (and often times aggressive) desire to to not get a job. To suit up and work for the man.

My subconscious mind, a true warrior in his own right... who with his own faults constantly and consistently tends to selfishly neglect the needs and wants of anyone else but myself - had settled on the reasoning that it was simply about my freedom. The freedom to be and just do the things I want to do.

But reasoning is often faulty, like encrypted code whose arrogance and hubris veils to him the fact the he was built, written, typed & uploaded digitally through ones and zeros by none other than mortals. 

Stored on servers built by the complicated man.

Mere mortals with their own fears, desires, misunderstandings and often... an emptiness deep down that can be easily exploited in ways vicious and violent.

I once asked a hacker friend of mine if he could hack any website on earth. If there was a certain limit to his abilities. He was an honest guy with outstanding abilities that very few people on earth could emulate... and he spoke in a soft, almost gentle hearted kind of way... while his eagerness to exceed expectations and aim for excellence without making a ruckus drew him as a contradiction to take note of.

When he spoke, you listened.

Because every word that came out of his mouth was smart, direct and carefully articulated so that his years of technical expertise came across as clear as can be.

As I asked this question, he looked up at me as if I was about to cause mischief. And as if he had known that I was thinking about his thoughts about me, he quickly shifted his natural posture to a more polite and politically friendly manner.

I wasn’t surprised.

And with a smile and a nod he said...

'You can hack anything as long as you put in the time and effort'.

'If it's man made. Then surely, there's always a way to exploit it'.

I had always thought that I resisted the need for a job because of my freedom. But as I get older and more reflective - as I try to learn more about my flaws, faults and shortcomings it is becoming increasingly clear that freedom in itself is a myth.

No one is ever free to do anything.

The years of media manipulation, genetical bypass, experiences that are so often influenced and encapsulated on to us by others... all of these make you… you.

All of which are outside influences that were never in your control in the first place. So how can we really ever be free?

In my own personal and highly biased opinion, I sincerely believe that the only time anyone will ever be free, is the day they discover the ultimate truth. The ultimate truth that prevails beyond time, space and simple human comprehension... a truth that once known to you will hit you like an electric shock at the core essence of everything you’ve ever believed to be true... the ultimate truth about the creation of the cosmos - beautifully lit and magnificently structured with mathematical precision that no man in his wildest dreams could ever try to copy.

Like specs of dust we fight and conquer lands for profit, fun and games - we enslave children to ninety hour workweeks for a cheaper pair of shoes… for an extra buck in our pockets that will *surprise* be spent on cheap beer and liquor.

We allow them to enslave our own brothers and sisters from around the world, children who are no different from your very own - in order to give them the great honour to numb our minds, dignity, and judgement with poison water.

It’s no wonder why the ultimate truth is a hard pill to swallow.

But I digress…

On my most recent trip to Singapore, I was startled to see how much people were struggling to find a sense of purpose or belonging due to the fact that they would spend most of their time working in order to pay for the new house they had just bought, the wedding they just had, or even the education they were given on loan.

Most people I had spoken to complained endlessly about how life in Singapore was all about work, work and more work. That there was nothing else to do but to work in order to get by with enough. 

And their work, as I was told - just didn’t cut it.

Now don’t get me wrong. Singapore is a highly sophisticated country with one of the lowest unemployment rates in the entire world… it’s safer than any other place I’ve ever been and efficiency in all things business and life is absolutely stellar.

This is not what I am talking about.

I am talking about the fact that work in itself (as seen here and many other parts of the world) takes up most of our time each and every single day we are up and breathing… and thus the nature of our work in itself is probably the biggest contributing factor to our physiological and psychological well-being.

This gave me new perspective, and finally the words and firm commitment to the belief that the only reason I had ever strayed away from getting a regular job just like Joe from down the block was due to the fact that I am highly allergic to doing work that holds no true sense of purpose or meaning beyond making a hard profit.

Getting paid a solid sum to create marketing strategies for beer and mega global automobile companies, in one of the world's most exciting cities might sound like a dream come true for freshly produced graduates coming out of their education.

But I never did feel right at home.

I knew at my core, even if I wasn’t able to articulate it back then due to my strange habits and a hunger for knowledge that would make any homeless man or woman be oh so grateful for the very little they had… that the work I was doing was heavily contribution to the demoralisation, degradation and enslavement of the masses. To put it simply and less dramatic, it was meaningless work.

And as a result, I felt like my entire life had lost its meaning.

And this my friends, is the one and only reason why I will (from this day forward) ever encourage anyone to try and find their calling through an alternative pursuit.

I want you to stop contributing to the meaninglessness.

I want you to be able to pursue passions and purpose that is rooted from the seeds of compassion. Driven by a sense of making lives better, healthier, and more kind.

So I urge you, through heavy words that I sincerely hope have been able to resonate with your truest of moral beliefs, to stop giving in to the meaningless we face. Hard work is a highly commendable trait and is portrayed & mastered by none other than the most honourable men and women from around the world.

It’s the sole ingredient necessary for a life of financial and monetary prosperity, but only if you know where to direct it. Only if you’ve able to direct it away from the enslavement camps of the 21st century and towards the hearts of honest folk.

I am completely aware of the fact that many of our brothers and sisters might not have any other choice but to contribute to the evil that is capitalistic greed... after all, we all have bills to pay, kids to feed, a family member to take care of, etc...

But at the very least, it is absolutely vital we feed our minds the knowledge of truth. Awaken ourselves from the brutal disappointment that has become modern day society... a world that feeds off of the poor & vulnerable in order to serve the rich. I’ve seen and spoken to men and women who have dedicated their entire lives to corporations, working sixty hour work-weeks - and they have no home, no savings, no thing that could even ever be considered an asset of any value.

Whilst the companies that they work for, the companies that want their own workers to live from pay-check to pay-check in order to keep them in line and far removed from any sense of power or ability to speak up… 

... these companies profit handsomely.

Acknowledgment and acceptance is the hardest thing to acknowledge and accept.

Enlightenment will be your first step onto the battlefield.

In its most original form, your body is a hollow mechanism.

Free from any sort of evil impurities and open to concept of infinite love.

But they’ve crammed our bodies, our hearts, our minds and souls with so much hatred, so much disrespect and madness towards each other that there is no more room for the abundant love that we were all meant to share with each other.

Enlightenment will lighten the load.

Enlightenment will be the first step to letting infinite love embrace your heart. And there will always be an alternative solution if you try to seek it.

If it’s man made, then surely there’s a way to exploit it.

Read more, love more, give more and find work that gives you meaning far beyond what little the monthly pay-check represents in a society that is starving for life.

And life, as has been defined for many centuries and still up till this day - is to live fully with the emotions we have been blessed with… emotions that have the firm ability to move mountains if we just knew how truly powerful we really are.

You’re truly powerful.

I genuinely believe that.

And even more so, I sincerely believe in you.