Happiness In A World Of Fear

Regardless of what the media tells us, the truth is that we have never lived in a time where there is more peace and love across the board and around the world.

And finding an inner happiness that brings joy and abundance with every life that it touches has never been an easier thing to accomplish.

So before you choose to give up on life, take a second and just…


Take a deep breath.

And breathe.

Your world is just fine.

Happiness is an easy emotion to conquer.

Don’t let the tabloids fool you.

Because every story of exaggerated terrorism is a deliberate castration.

With every news headline that promotes fear and panic throughout the globe, another corporation gets richer. Another dirty politician is elected into office.

These lies.

These dirty lies.

We’ve had enough.

Enough of the poison that is designed to paralyse us into panic dwellers that adhere to a state of constant paranoia. To corrupt and exacerbate the core of our subconscious.




As their poisonous lies distress us into buying more insurance.

The more scared we are, the more money they make.

In advertising revenues, in newspaper readership, in falling prey to materialistic obsessions. They live to exploit the simple minded and peace loving. To corrupt the hearts and minds of our youthful spirits.

To fill our hearts with rage and betrayal.

To define our brothers as enemies and to stir up commotion within our communities. The more they can control us into thinking the world is at the brink of extinction, the more they are able to pass laws that are defined in their best interest. It’s always a financial matter. Never a humanitarian one.

Hold on.

They’ve lied to us.

They’ve lied for too long.

I refuse to hate.

I refuse to seek refuge in breaking stories and dollar signs.

I want to live.

I want to love.

To be kind and generous with each and every person that comes my way.

Hold on.

To the hope of human kindness.

Because it exists.

In each and every corner of the world, it exists.

Let’s fight back with love.

Every chance we get, let’s fight back with kindness and love.

The content person rarely has a need to buy more stuff.

A peaceful heart has no restrictions for love.

A peaceful heart rejects hate.

A peaceful heart avoids catchy headlines and misplaced paranoia.

A peaceful heart finds happiness and joy in the simplest of things.

A peaceful heart is their greatest enemy.

At this very moment there are Jews fighting for the rights of Palestinians, Palestinians fighting for the safety of Jews, a Muslim scholar promoting peace & unity, a Christian priest spending his afternoons to support the needs of the hungry and homeless.

At this very moment, kindness prevails as a young man from Sub-Saharan Africa extends his grace and hospitality towards caucasian passers-by.

Gratitude shared as a seventy two year old woman from Greece, mother of three – grandmother of six… pays tribute to the passing of her husband by supporting the cause of his favourite charity. Giving more than she has ever received. Love is boundless in the most southern part of Brazil where Gabriel and Sophia forgive the man who murdered their one and only son. A man who was confused by the fear but can now see more clearly as love makes it’s way to his soul. There is more good than evil out there. Close your mind to the fear.

Abandon their agenda.

Let love in.

And give peace a chance.


And only then.

Will happiness ever be an option.