When Hustling Isn't Enough

I’d be the first person to stress just how important hustle is.

It’s one of my core beliefs that hard work is the ultimate key to success - regardless of who you are, where you are from or how little money you have.

The world’s greatest leaders, thinkers and athletes all put in the work to make it.

Michael Jordan would spend every second awake practicing shots.

Eminem wrote and re-wrote countless bars and rhymes before anyone even cared to listen to his music. J.K Rowling started writing books twenty years before Harry Potter. In fact, even when she did write Harry Potter no one wanted to publish it.

Beyonce is known to spend days without sleep… doing nothing other than work.

And none of these people were born privileged, just focused on pure hustle.

Which is why it pisses me off when I hear people talk about how their amazing new idea will be the next big thing without them actually putting in the work.

It just doesn’t work that way.

But I must admit…

Sometimes, no matter how hard you work it feels like the hustle will never pay off.

And some days you can catch yourself asking - is this even worth it?

But before you throw in the towel, before you concede defeat and let the demons rise above your subconscious mind - remind yourself of your sole purpose.

Remind yourself of your one true “why”.

Your bigger picture, your main reason for starting out in the first place.

Because hustling is pointless if you are aimless.

When you are armed with a clear direction and you know exactly why you do the work you do, the reason this desire exists - hustling becomes natural.

It’s in your bones.

Intuitive, even.

So even if you get shitty days (and there will be plenty), even when other people are trying to bring you down, and even when self-doubt starts creeping in - I can promise you that a strong sense of purpose coupled with relentless hustling always triumphs in the end. No matter who you are or how little money you have.

Remember your purpose.

And you’ll be just fine.