Make Money From Your Passion

Have you ever wondered why you aren’t making any money off your passion?

For most artists, entrepreneurs, writers, service providers, and consultants… this is pretty much the dream. To be able to take the thing they are most passionate about and actually make a decent living doing it.

Sure, this might sound easy enough… but the matter of the fact is that most people just aren’t able to make this happen for themselves.

The excuses come in massive droves and you keep convincing yourself that achieving this dream is just not possible for you.

But I disagree.

Anyone can achieve anything if they really wanted to.

The only reason why you aren’t able to sustain a decent living is simply because you are not good enough, or at least not good enough yet.

I hate to be so brutally honest, but this needs to be said.

The chances are you’ve spent your entire life trying to please the system and all of it’s requirements by getting a college education, a masters degree, and then working at a 9-5 job you can’t even stand…

But what about your passion?

How much time and effort have you put into becoming the best you could be at whatever it is you really want to do?

Chances are, you haven’t spent much time on it.

Chances are, you spent so much of your time and effort trying to be part of a broken system designed to please others that you’ve completely ignored what should ultimately matter most to you.

Then should you really be complaining that you can’t make any money off of your passion? I personally don’t believe so.

Take any of the worlds greatest superstars that you can think of… the guys and gals who are making millions of dollars doing what they love to do.

Michael Jordan at basketball…

The Oprah Winfrey Show…

Michael Jackson with his music…

Eminem and his lyrical genius…

JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series…

David Blane with his insane abilities as an illusionist…

When it comes down to it, the ONE and only ONE thing that all of these guys and gals all have in common is that they’ve spent more time working on their passion than anyone else.

That is what makes them successful.

The idea that someone was just born naturally gifted to sing or dance is completely bull and nothing more than an excuse we tell ourselves because of the outrageous fear of failure society has induced into us.

People who are ultimately able to make a damn good living doing what they love are the type of people who have spent hours and hours, day after day, sometimes even decades obsessing and practising their art.

And even when the entire world tried to shut them down and put them back in line to join life’s mediocrity… they never gave up.

You Need to Be Patient

Because at the end of the day, overnight success never really happens overnight. It is the result of years of research, studies, and practice.

I am just so sick and tired of all the lies and everyone telling you that the only thing you need to make money off of your passion is a couple of ‘get-rich-quick’ secrets and strategies. This is simply not true!

The only way to make a lot of money doing something you love is by mastering it and being one of the best in the world.

And to make things worse, the internet has made it extremely difficult for you to stand out. Not only are you competing with people within your vicinity… but you now have to compete with the entire world!

This is just how the world operates today.

It took me about 4 years of intense research, studies, and constant failures before I was ever able to make a dollar online doing what I love to do.

If your passion is photography… then you need to spend every waking moment taking photos. If your passion is in the sciences… then you need to learn everything you can find on the subject. If your passion is journalism… then you need to make it a priority to study every single in and out on what it takes to be the best damn journalist you could be.

Whatever it is you love to do, you need to make sure you make it the biggest part of your life and to keep on doing it until you are undoubtedly the best.

It needs to define you.

And you need to be defined by it.

It will take years, maybe even a decade before you see any sort of financial returns… but at the end of the day, it will all be worth it.

So instead of complaining that you can’t make any money off of your passion… ask yourself what you need to be doing in order to master your art, be the best that you can be… and have everyone beg you to work for them.

Because guess what?

Practice makes perfect.

Forget about all of the silly strategies & marketing tricks, forget about pleasing others and feeling good about yourself for 2 seconds… you need to focus on the one and only thing that truly matters…

Mastering your art.

It Is Never Too Late

The good news is that it is never too late.

A good 5 years of hardcore efforts would put you well on your way to making decent money off of your passion. And if this wasn’t good news enough, the internet has created such an incredible opportunity for experts of all sorts to make a lot of money doing what they love to do (in the form of consulting, courses, book, etc…).

So if you’ve ever told yourself the lie that you are too old to make things happen, then you need to understand that this is simply not true! Some of the worlds most remarkable people are those who decided to change their lives once they were way into their forties and fifties…

The downfall?

You will probably need to sacrifice almost every other aspect of your life in order to put in the time and effort to be the best at whatever it is you want to be.

Sure, this is not for everyone.

Most people won’t be able to handle the pressures and stress of having to sacrifice other major aspects of their lives.

But if you aren’t able to do this, then you are no longer given permission to complain about not being able to make money off of your passion.

So What Should I Do?

If you’ve been able to make it this far down the article, then at least a small part of you agrees that you need to kick things up a notch in order to make things happen big time. You might even be ready to get rid of the excuses and start making these changes in your life starting today!

And perhaps all you need is the right type of strategy and road map to get you to where you want to be…

If this is the case, then I will share the four things you need to do in order to make this happen.


Then let’s get started.

1 – Find Your Passion

Needless to say, the most important thing you need to do in order to make money off of your passion is to actually know what your passion is! And a great way is to start by writing down a list of all the things you find yourself naturally drawn to and working on whenever you have some free time.

Try and think of all the things that you’ve loved doing simply for the sake of doing it and without any monetary incentives. This is a great place to start and will make it easier for you to choose the thing you are most passionate about.

Just make sure that you are actually choosing something you actually love to do rather than something you do for the sake of ‘running away from your problems’… such as video games, watching tv, and browsing Facebook.

Perhaps you can even spend some time (but not too much) dabbling with different things and trying to figure out if they are right for you.

The most important thing to remember is that deep down inside you already know what you want to do. The biggest mistake we make is that we let the fear of failure drive us away from our dreams… so make sure that when practicing all of the above you completely get rid of any sense of failure or ‘reality’.

2 – Find Your Purpose

Passion is a great starting point and is necessary for your survival… but having passion alone will not be able to sustain the years of inevitable pain, failure, and hardships you will have to face.

What you need to do in order to get through all of this is to discover your greatest purpose. Why do you want to achieve success in your chosen field?

Why do you do what you do?

When you are able to combine your greatest passion with a higher purpose… that is when the magic really happens.

As an example, I am a firm believer that my higher purpose is to inspire others to do great things… and I try to get this across by combining my purpose with my passion for writing, entrepreneurship, and blogging.

Having a strong and solid purpose will be the only thing to keep you going when the times get really tough.

3 – Find the Best Resources

So now that you have found your greatest passion as well as your higher purpose… the next thing you need to do is to find the worlds best resources at whatever it is you want to do.

I am not talking about reading a couple of blogs and articles… I am talking about putting in all the effort to discover the absolute best books you can find on the topic of your interest. You need to find the hidden gems that have actually helped others in your industry to reach their own success…

I would say that you need to read at least 200 – 300 of the best books you can find on your topic of choice (this is a minimum).

Of course with the internet being a thing, your learning doesn’t need to end there. You can read blogs, take online courses, watch Youtube tutorial videos, and anything else you can find that will help you to become the best at whatever it is you want to be.

4 – Practice. Practice. Practice.

Of course, the next thing you need to do is to practice your a** off.

Every single day and every single night.

This is how you should split your time for the next 5 years:

A – 50% Studying and learning

B – 40% Practising your craft.

C – 5% Reading about the latest updates.

D – 5% Everything else.

And be kind.

Always be kind.

Kindness opens hearts…