You're More Powerful Than You Think

Apple has been using the phrase ‘You’re More Powerful Than You Think’ to sell you Macbooks and iPhones for a while now… and although I don’t believe it’s okay to come up with catchy slogans purely for the sake of making a big profit...

I definitely do believe in this phrase.

Because the truth is that you actually are more powerful than you think. 

Way more than you know. Because here’s the thing. Our entire lives we’ve been conditioned into believing that we are obligated to live a very specific way… one that has been identified and market-tested to facilitate the needs of credit card companies and to fatten the pockets of greedy corporations.

Freud’s nephew Edward Bernays would collaborate with mega corporations and use psychoanalysis techniques in order to help ‘shape the minds of the the crowd’ in order to get regular folks to spend more money on things they don’t need.

Later on he worked with the US government to help ‘control the people’

Your life is an illusion.

And the things we consume on a daily basis, normal everyday things such as bread, milk, meat and eggs… these were all sold to us as ‘essential dietary requirements’ because they were the easiest to package and ship by our evil industrial overlords. Did you know that you can survive just fine on dates and water? Or that one meal a day is more than enough? Healthy even? 

They sure as hell don’t want you to know that.

Because a man or woman who truly understands how powerful they are, is a man or woman who is unwilling to give in to the societal norms that were invented by them. Everything is a poison.

The food you eat keeps you from being in the best shape of your life, and instead makes you sick and a slave to medical bills… the music you listen to degrades and dehumanises your women… skyrocketing divorce and fattening the pockets of divorce lawyers... the schools you go to turns you into another cog in their well oiled machine… unable to think for yourself and creatively drained… the universities you attend transforms you into becoming a debt-slave and chained to a life dependent on a monthly pay check that’s barely able to cover your bills.

How will anyone ever be able to live up to their greatest potential like this?

How will anyone ever even have the time to just... think?

And as we all know, a man or woman who cannot think for themselves is a man or woman who will do nothing else but follow through with the directions of others.

Nothing is more inferior to them than an honest person who seeks an alternative approach to the life that we live in. A man or woman who is willing to choose themselves and settle for nothing less than what they truly deserve to become.

Someone who is able to question why things are the way they are. 

And why they aren’t different. 

A man or woman who understands just how powerful they truly are.

You see, all of the greats that we look up to and admire today were all rebels in their own way at some point in their lives. Rebels who refused to accept the norm.

Rebels who broke out of the system and figured out an alternative approach.

And because of that they all had to suffer a great deal.

But their suffering and constant sacrifice of all of the things that capitalism has promised them was the key to figuring out just how powerful they truly are.

Just how strong they were and how much of a difference they can make.

The years spent in jail is what allowed Malcolm X to educate himself by reading every book he can get his hands on and becoming one of the most prominent leaders in the history of American civilisation. This is especially incredible and amazing and wonderful due to the fact that Malcolm X was both black and a Muslim. A race and a religion that are both constantly faced with a lot of hate.

The struggle to raise kids whilst on welfare is what inspired J.K Rowling to start writing Harry Potter on a napkin while on the train. Even more impressive, she was turned down by almost every publisher out there. But she kept on fighting…

And we all know how things turned out for her...

On a similar note, Sylvester Stallone gave up the comforts of a normal job to pursue his acting career in order to ‘get his work out there and make a difference in the lives of millions of people from around the world’. He was rejected by every single acting agency in New York… twice… and would spend his days at the library only because he had no heating at home because it was just too expensive. It is only after he was inspired by the greatness of Muhammad Ali that he decided to write Rocky. He literally wrote the entire screenplay in one sitting.

And even when he was given the opportunity to sell his film for way more money than he had ever seen in his life, he refused because he knew that he wanted to be the star of the show. The directors wanted to cast someone else as Rocky, but Sylvester wouldn’t have it. He knew that that he wanted to inspire millions of people. And only he could give justice to the role at hand.

Needless to say, he went on to do great things in his life.

These men and women all knew how powerful they were, but only after stepping down from listening to ‘conventional’ wisdom and doing things a little different.

They say that only after much searching and mining deep into the coal fields that you will ever be able to find the diamonds that make the struggle so worth it. The diamonds that hold more value and worth than almost any other stone out there.

They also say that if you were given a garden and refuse to tend to it… you refuse to plant the right seeds, then only weeds will grow. Ugly weeds that are hard to get rid of. The only way to grow beautiful flowers is by plating beautiful seeds with care. Both are true. And both can be used as metaphors to better our lives.

To discover your true power to make a dent in the universe.

But even more importantly…

Let’s just try to start by eating better foods.

By listening to less vulgar music.

By thinking more.

Working less.

By doing things with purpose and intent.


And only then…

will you even be able to start to understand…

just… how… powerful… you… truly… are...