Overcoming The Past

Imagine a world where you have the ultimate power and ability to create the ideal future for yourself. Imagine a world where dreams and ideas can actually come true if you pursue them. A world that accepts you for who you used to be and pushes you to become the best version of yourself.

What a beautiful world that would be…

But like most things, the world never really does live up to our expectations.

Instead of praise, we get criticised. Instead of appreciation, we get judged. Instead of love, we get hate. And worst of all – instead of support, we get discouraged – regardless of how sincere we are in creating a better, more awesome us.

And this is one of the main reasons we tend to get stuck and halt any sort of growth in our lives. We are constantly conditioned to believe that our future is based on who we used to be rather than who we want to become… but this formula couldn’t be more wrong.

Because you are not your past. You are not the person you used to be.

You are the person that you are striving to become, and this should be the only thing that matters. When you decide to live in the past, you are simply not living.

In stead, you are choosing to actively participate in the illusion of a persona that no longer exists. This. Here. Now. This is what exists.

The present.

And you can make any damn thing out of it.

You can choose to be anyone you want to be, and you can strive to become anyone you want to become. Living in the future is equally as dangerous.

It simply does not exist.

Stop dreaming too much and bring yourself down to earth.

Focus on this here, right now. This moment here is real.

Focus on the daily grind.

I recently read an article about world famous boxer Evander Holyfield.

And his advice was so valuable and precious that I just have to share it.

Whenever he was in the boxing ring, barely able to stand… body all bruised… blood all over the place, his vision in a blur… the only thing he would focus on is ‘just one more punch‘. He didn’t care about what had happened in the past or what his future would be. The only thing he would focus on is ‘one more punch’.

Sometimes that is all it takes, just one more punch. Just one more day of this thing called life. You won’t always win, but when you do… victory tastes best when you know you’ve given it your all.

Just… One… More… Punch.

Not everyone will accept you for the person that you used to be, and you know what – that’s fine. It’s just how the world works. But the biggest disfavour you can do for yourself is to buy into that bull.

Accept the past.

But never let it define you.

Learn from the mistakes you’ve made. And move forward. You can never change the past, but you are always in control of what your future will be.