Productivity In Doing Work You Love

Talking about energy might sound a little weird.

And if I were to be honest with you… it actually is a little weird.

When most people think about energy they start to imagine white men in suits at a massive auditorium preaching their faith in cosmic powers and such fluff.

The catch? For only $999.99 their product or service will cure you from all distress – and if you don’t act now it’s gone forever! 

They prey on the weak and desperate.

Others might think of energy and picture mystical crystals and their supposed ability to heal and de-stress your mind from everyday problems and struggles.

Personally, I don’t believe in either.

But I DO believe in energy.

I believe in it so much that I’m using a large portion of my own energy to write this blog post. In fact, I believe that if you really understand how to make energy work in your favour then you’ll be more equipped to be productive in doing work you love.

There have been so many times in my life (and still to this day) when, seemingly for no reason whatsoever – I just don’t feel like getting up and putting in the work.

And what I’ve come to realise is that this is usually rooted from being surrounded by a bad form of energy, whatever it might be… sometimes it can appear in the form of my own emotional state – other times it can be a person who’s just too damn negative.

My least productive times have always been when bad energy is around me.

Not only that, but when I am aware of the bad energy and decide to stick around. Why do we do that? If there’s just one thing I want you to get from this article, it’s that you should never stick around to a thing that you are aware is bad for you. Avoid bad energy at all costs.

Your intuition has your best interest at heart, listen and trust it to guide you.

Wholesome trust.

Have faith and believe in your gut feeling.

Not being able to trust yourself and your intuition will teach you to compensate by putting your trust in those who deserve it the least. That’s bad energy.

If you’ve ever been in a relationship that you just know isn’t working out…

If you’ve ever woken up dreading your work day ahead of you…

If you’re in a business partnership that doesn’t feel right to you…

Then you’ll understand where I’m coming from.

And the more you stick around when it just doesn’t feel right, the more you’ll become conditioned into believing that it’s just the way it is.

That’s not the way it should be.

If a thing doesn’t give your heart peace, if the energy you surround yourself with from the people in your life is creating a negative impact on you – just let it go. Poof. Out of your life forever. Live and let live.

Here’s the thing.

It’s common sense that every single day we are given a certain amount of energy. Granted, depending on your lifestyle some might have more or less than others, but generally we are all given the same amount of energy to live each day. And with that being said, it is also common sense that not everyone will use their energy in the exact same way, which is absolutely fine. 

Some people tend to be more athletic, while others are more comfortable by not being too active. This is fine. But what we tend to forget is that our emotional state of being is one of the biggest contributing factors to how fast our energy diminishes throughout the day.

If you’re always angry…

Always stressed out…

Can’t stop complaining about things…

Constantly being negative…

Then you’ll find that you have less energy throughout the day, which in turn means that you’ll be less able to be productive in doing work you love.

On the otherhand – happier people with a more optimistic outlook on life tend to have unlimited reserves of energy and end up being more productive throughout the day.

I genuinely believe that this is the true foundation of how we should be thinking about the energy of life – and the more we allow ourselves to fall victim to negative human emotions, the less we’ll be able to accomplish throughout the day. It’s as simple as that.

The solution to overcoming negative energy?

I’ll give you my recommendation.

Consider it a start.


Sincere and daily gratitude.