Relentlessly Chasing Your Dreams

You’ve always aspired to greatness.

You’ve always known that deep down inside you were meant to be doing more with your life. Doing work that matters. The kind of work that changes lives.

The kind of work that you can’t live without.

That you’d take big risks for.

You’re tired of working for the man and living a life that is void of meaning.

Late nights at bars and clubs have got you feeling overwhelmed.

Drink after drink after drink, you realise that loneliness is an expensive habit.

So you drown your sorrows deep down into the darkest parts of the sea, but you are still breathing. Still alive. Surrounded by the darkness of silence. Still breathing. Breathing for love, breathing for meaning, breathing for life.

You know what it’s like to be pushed to the side, ignored and bullied into thinking that your dreams don’t matter. That you don’t have what it takes.

The truth though? Your dreams do matter.

You might not know that yet, but your dreams do matter.

No matter who you are or where you’re from as long as you are striving to become the best at what you do and are authentic while doing it, then you’re already half way there. And the truth is that you’ve already got what it takes.

But it’s hard to see that when you’re in the dark.

When you’re still breathing but unable to see.

They say that the only way to overcome the darkness is by finding the light. But what if the light is nowhere to be found? What then? 

Where is your light upon light?

It is within.

Within each and every single one of us there is a light.

A flame that flickers for it’s survival and every gasp for air is a wind that brings your flame closer to turning off altogether. Every gasp for air is another second gone by. Another moment missed, an opportunity not taken.

Take a deep breath.

Let the darkness consume you.

And breath out.

Let it all out.

The tears, the pain, the hurt, the fear – let it all out.

Rebirth is a beautiful thing.

Your soul is like a melted candle. Useless on its own, but it can be molded into anything you desire. Surround yourself with artists, with makers and doers.

They’ll inspire you to mold it into something beautiful.

Like the phoenix that rises up from the ashes, with struggle comes determination. Ignite and amplify your inner flame – let your hunger for success cultivate and breed the burning desire of a thousand flaming suns. 

Find your light upon light.

And keep breathing.

The darkest parts of the sea can be a scary place.

But if you can find it in yourself to ignite your inner flame.

To overcome the darkness and look close enough.

You’ll end up seeing miracles.

Miracle after miracle after miracle.