Succeeding With Good Intentions

In the early 1960’s on a cold winter day – a young man (whose name I’ll tell you in a minute) found himself awakened by the (always dreaded and feared) alarm clock.

It was a few minutes past five in the early morning.

And only God knows how cold it must have been outside.

What’s interesting is that this young man refused to see things as they were.

He was known as the ultimate optimist, and would use simple language to change his life in ways so remarkable that you’d be both shocked and surprised.

As an example, instead of using the term ‘alarm clock’ he would call this device the ‘opportunity clock’ – and the psychological shift this simple change in language would cause was the difference between massive success and abysmal failure.

But even more important, is that he understood the true value of good intentions.

Sure, money was important – but having the right intention was even more so.

As he got out of bed, he found himself coming up with a million different reasons why he should just go back to sleep. A thing we all struggle with on a daily basis.

But then he reminded himself.

You can’t deny the opportunities that come with the opportunity clock.

So he got up, got dressed and drove to his scheduled meeting with the company.

As fate would have it, this particular meeting was the most impactful one in his life.


Because it was the meeting where his boss would let him know just how valuable he is to the company, showing him how much potential he had as a sales representative. And ever since that meeting with his boss, he made it a rule to commit to knocking on a certain amount of doors every single day no matter what (consistency). 

As well as to only sell products that he absolutely believed in (intention). 

A year later he was named the second best sales representative at the company.

His name was Zig Ziglar, and he went on to do amazing things in his life-time.

Here’s what you can learn from his story.

A – Success Comes With Good Intentions

The best way to succeed is by doing work with your best intentions at heart.

It’s easy to ‘follow the money’ and perhaps do things a little unethical.

But the only people who are successful in the long term and are often the most respected – are those who do sincere work with the best of intentions.

Greed is never a good long-term strategy.

B – Commit With Consistency

Regardless of how skilled or talented you are, nothing quite beats the ability to be consistent with your actions. Doing one thing a day to grow your business is better than doing twenty things in one day and becoming so overwhelmed you quit.

By doing one thing every day, you’ll end up doing a lot in the long term.

It all adds up.

Zig Ziglar was far from the best sales person, but as I’ve mentioned – he made it an obligation to go door to door every single day at a specific time no matter what.

Even if it rained, snowed or he just didn’t feel like doing any work on that day.

By reading 15 pages of a book a day, I find myself finishing way more books that I would have ever imagined being able to.

Start by doing just one small thing a day.

In fact, Zig Ziglar’s lesson has inspired me so much that starting this Monday I will start doing exactly the same thing with my own business.

I’d be the first to admit that sales is my biggest struggle, but I also understand that sales is the foundation of any great business. Without it, you’ll struggle to get by.

So starting Monday I will:

– Send ten emails a day to potential clients (consistency is key).

– Do it with a service I truly believe in (intention is everything).

Here’s the thing.

Only a few of us will ever be able to live up to our own definition of success.

No matter how bad we want something, the truth is that there are no guarantees that we will ever get it, regardless of how sincere we are and how much work we put it.

That’s just the way it is.

The only guarantee is that there are no guarantees.

But at least if we fail, we’ll do so knowing that we had the right intentions.

That we failed doing the work we absolutely astronomically love to do.

The work that gets us excited about life.

That makes your heart beat faster.

Work that is ethical, intentional and sincere.

If you do it for the money, the cars, the fame or the girls – you’ll undoubtedly be disappointed. But when you do it out of pure, unfiltered love… with the right intention and for the sake of bringing to life your passions and purpose…

Then you’ve already won.

You really have.