Success Comes With Hard Work

The very first day I tried to play the guitar I completely sucked.

Learning to play different chords and strum like a pro seemed like the hardest thing in the world to do. It was impossible. But as any guitarist will tell you, the more you practice the better you will become. 

No one is born skilled at guitar.

There are no exceptions.

Every time I hear someone say they have the secret to success I cringe.

That all it takes is a few ‘silver bullet’ strategies and solutions. 

That you can become an overnight success without having to put in the hours and hours of hard work. It makes me sick to my stomach, because truth be told – I used to buy into the hype.

I used to believe that all it took was a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

That if I could only get my video to go viral, or convince a high profile influencer to mention me – then the whole world would know who I am and would love me. I thought that this was all it took to become successful.




It was always about me.

But here’s the kicker, the thing that most people aren’t telling you.

None of that matters and there are no shortcuts to finding your success.

God is fair.

And He loves to reward those who deserve to be rewarded.

Sure you might not be the brightest person out there, or maybe you’re shy and introverted like me (yay introverts!) – but as long as you put in the time and you work harder than anyone else out there, you will eventually find your success. There is no doubt about it.

Hard work is the greatest gift you can offer yourself if you want to be successful. Last week my article was featured on the homepage of popular blogging site Medium.

In just a few hours it got hundreds of recommends and thousands of views from all types of people from around the world. This was a very small success.

And anyone from the outside might think that I was just lucky.

But the truth is that I’ve been writing almost daily for the past two years – and 99 percent of my work has gone unnoticed. I even wrote a book and went through the entire hassle of uploading it to the Kindle store and getting no sales whatsoever. It will probably take me another two years of intense writing before I get another small break. 

Another two years after that before I make my first book sale.

But I won’t let that stop me.

And I don’t want your hardships to stop you too.

You need to be determined, not delusional.

You need to keep on doing the thing you love to do, even without any recognition – until you reach the point where you are one of the best in the world at it. Effortless confidence is a direct result of the hard work you put into something. You need to put it the work, because the the more work you put into the thing you do – the better you’ll understand how to make it work for you in the long term.

Just like playing the guitar, my first few months of skateboarding were disastrous to say the least. Learning how to ollie or kickflip took months of practice. And then one day it just clicked.

‘Ok, this is how it’s done. Now I get it.’

It just clicked.

A little better.

Then a little more.

It’s the same with your career and personal life.

Give your craft the attention it deserves, and one day it will just click.

Whether it’s a business you’re working on, your relationship with your spouse or the job you’ve been trying to get ever since you graduated from college.

Success comes with hard work. If there’s one thing you get from this article it’s that success never happens overnight.

And the truth is that you won’t see any real results from your craft after at least 5 years of firm and total dedication to your thing. This is a good thing because:

A – Very few people are able to do this (so you’ll be the exception).


B – Lasting that long will prove your love and passion for the craft.

Find the thing that you absolutely love to do and become the best at it.

Then feed it the fuel of your greatest purpose and watch it burn late into the night while the entire world sleeps to mediocre commitments and Netflix binge watching. Remember. God loves to reward those who deserve to be rewarded.

So here’s to your greatest success.

To rising above the scars and reaching far beyond the frontier of your greatest desires – paying tribute to the gifts you were born to share with the world.

Here’s to going where no person has ever gone before.

To pushing boundaries and tearing apart societal norms.

Here’s to the hustle.