The Importance Of Resilience

On most Sundays I choose to write about a topic that I believe has the potential to help at least a thousand people to better themselves in one way or another. 

One thousand people.

But today, on this sacred day - I will write for just one person.


Because this is the thing I need to hear the most.

When it comes to choosing the path less travelled, to doing work that matters, work that might seem crazy to most people out there… there will be a lot of struggle. Straying away from the system means that you’ll have to forge your own path. A path that, if I were to be completely honest with you… seems like it’s not worth it on most days. The freedom to create and express yourself while still making a living is awesome, but the struggle towards this life is brutal and absolutely challenging. You’ll often read stories of people who made it overnight.

Digital nomads who travel the world and get paid to do the work they love… stay at home moms raking in millions through their blog... online marketing gurus who live on the beach and operate from their laptop…

These stories are often shoved in our faces in the form of testimonials. Some sort of proof that it’s possible to achieve anything you want. That it’s easy and anyone could do it. But from my own experiences, this is all bullshit.

Utter bullshit.

Sure, there are situations and people who have been able to achieve this type of lifestyle - but the honest truth is that most people who have done so are either:

A - Scam artists who feed off of the desperation of others.


B - The hardest working, most talented people ever.

Which one are you?

You see, there’s no middle ground when it comes to making a living doing work you love to do… and no single strategy or ‘online course’ will make make it happen for you. For anyone who is serious, it will take years of blood, sweat and hustle. Years and years. It will never happen overnight, so if it’s something that you want bad enough - you better start working on it right this second. Don’t wait for anyone to give you a chance for success. People are way too selfish. 

It’s all on you.

Start putting in the work.

For the longest time I could remember, I gave in to the scam artists who promised me all sorts of hope-filled dreams that fulfilled my greatest desires. They are masters of manipulation and understand that people are emotional beings who can be easily tricked into making a purchase if you just know the right buttons to push.

If you know what to say and how to say it...

I was desperate and in dire need of a quick-fix solution, and they fed off of that. And since the very first day I’ve starting walking down this dark path, the only thing that has helped me to see the light of day is hours of work.

But here’s the thing.

Sometimes hours of work is not enough.

Sometimes in order to learn everything there is to learn about a topic, it takes months or maybe even years to learn everything there is to learn - and then a few more years to put everything you’ve learnt into practice. 

There is no easy way to success.

And this, my friends - is why I need to write this article.

To remind myself that it all comes down to resilience…


The most important word in business.

It’s the only thing that will keep you going when things get tough. When you have years of hard work ahead of you... When you can’t pay the bills... When it’s a Saturday night and you’re still up late burning the midnight oil...


It’s such a beautiful word.

I once read somewhere that resilience is the ability to take back your original form once pressed or bent, and I couldn’t agree more. Failures along the way will crush you. They will bend your spirits and make life unbearable for long periods of time.

But if we can find it in our hearts to give resilience a chance.

To take back our original form even after massive defeat.

Then maybe, just maybe… we’ll live to see another day. To push through one more battle. To give it all we’ve got. One punch at a time baby. Until your last breath. 

All the way to the top.

Now wouldn’t be awesome?