Waiting For Inspiration

There is a universal, and very fundamental law that I believe in more than I do in the force of gravity. A simple law that, once applied – will have the ability to dramatically change your life… and bring you closer to getting anything you’ve ever wanted. It goes a little like this. You get what you give.

And it literally works for everything.

If you want more respect, you need to respect others more.

If you want more kindness in your life, you need to be kind to others first.

If you want more success, you need to help others achieve success.

The other day I decided to pack my left overs and give them to those who are less fortunate than I am. On most days I could find someone rather quickly. But on this particular day, I couldn’t find anyone who seemed to need it.

Until I came across a group of guys that anyone passing by would consider to be nothing more than street thugs. And because of that, I was a little hesitant.

But I had been walking for a while and couldn’t find anyone else, so I decided to just walk up to them and offer the food. This is where things got interesting.

As I handed them the food, I realised that not only where they exceptionally grateful – but they spent the next thirty seconds thanking and praising me for doing something as basic as giving them my left-overs… a thing that most people take for granted. This taught me two very valuable lesson:

1 – To never judge someone because of their situation.

2 – If you are kind, others will be kind to you – no matter who they are.

These kids were no longer street thugs. But rather – kind strangers, often misunderstood… trying to just make a buck as we all are.

Most of us spend our entire lives waiting for inspiration.

The inspiration to create.

The inspiration to make the first move.

The inspiration to relentlessly chase our dreams.

The inspiration to just… love and be loved.

And when it fails to befriend us we end up blaming the government, our society, the economy - or any other factor that is rarely in our control.

But here’s a little secret you should know.

Finding inspiration has nothing to do with external factors... 

... none of that matters.

It’s all about you.

Inspiration only ever comes to those who inspire.

Just like anything in life, you get what you give - and if you want to live a life of promised inspiration, you need to be the type of person who inspires others.

This is the golden rule.

But unfortunately – and rather very ironically, waiting for inspiration is precisely what inspires us to just do nothing at all. And if I were to be honest, this is nothing more than an excuse we tell ourselves because we are afraid... 

... of both failure and success.

What would happen if you fail?

How many people will you disappoint?

Would it be shameful?

What if you’re actually successful?

Would you know how to deal with the money and fame?

Would it be too much for you to handle?

Would your loved ones still be there for you?

On most days I find it really difficult to be inspired, let alone try to inspire others. But then I remember that I alone am in control of my thoughts – and that my thoughts, as well as the meaning I give them… is the only thing that will decide my fate.

If I don’t feel inspired, then there is no one else to blame but myself.

And it’s the same for you.

So I get rid of the excuses and try to do at least one of the following –

A – Get excited:

I’ve come to realise that getting excited about a new project, business idea, or anything else – is an awesome way to boost your energy levels, get you moving, and make it easier for you to come across the inspiration you need.

B – Watch Youtube:

I speak about this quite often, but YouTube is by far one of the most remarkable websites out there. And I often find myself going back to a playlist I’ve created with hundreds of inspirational videos from some of the worlds most accomplished leaders. Watching remarkable people doing their thing inspires me almost immediately, and helps bring me closer to all of the things that I personally want to accomplish. After all, you are what you think – as well as the people you surround yourself with.

C – Create something:

Creating something – anything from a blog post to a meal (even if you’re not an expert)… is a great way to bring out your inner creative and drive you closer to feeling a sense of inspiration in your life.

A few months ago I decided to write an article on my blog every Sunday.

And although I’ve missed a couple of weeks – this is the first time that I’ve actually decided to stick to a structured writing schedule. The thing is – as much as I enjoy writing, and everything that comes with it… I never feel inspired to start writing.

It’s always a struggle, and the first few paragraphs are always the hardest.

But what I’ve come to realise is that the inspiration is never there in the beginning. The more I write, the more inspired I feel to keep on going.

And this is how most things work.

The hardest part is always the beginning.

Sometimes you’ll have to force yourself to get out of bed in the morning.

Sometimes it will be easier.

But inspiration will never be there waiting for you.

You’ve got to deserve it – and when it feels like you are ready – you better make damn sure that you are there to grab it with your own bare hands.