When Your Life Has No Purpose

You’ll end up spending obscene amounts of money on materialistic things to make yourself feel better – new clothes, new gadgets, new events, new everything. You’ll become attached and give your heart to the people who deserve it the least. You’ll seek joy in shallow entertainment designed to keep you intoxicated and at the brink of misery. 

You’ll be with others just like you, but you’ll never feel more alone.

You’ll find fulfilment in idolising celebrities and seek refuge in pointless gossip. You’ll waste your time on news feeds and chat rooms (what a shame).

You’ll grow old and grumpy with no legacy to leave behind (what a shame).

You’ll find it hard (really hard) to do anything that derives from a pure sense of meaning (including building a great business or raising an awesome family).

You’ll do anything to make a quick buck (cheat, lie, betray, cheat, lie, betray).

You’ll be more depressed, more afraid, and feel more alone – because really, what’s the point of life is you aren’t waking up every day with the firm belief that you were put here on earth to share your gifts for a very specific reason?

How can you be passionate about life if you’ve got nothing worth living for?

How can you grow as a person if you don’t know why you are growing?

How can you serve if you don’t know who you are set out to serve?

Please ask yourself these questions.

My purpose is and always has been to help as many people as possible to live up to their greatest potential, regardless of who they are. It drives my passions, ignites my sense of curiosity and give me a reason to breathe.

Every single day it gives me a reason to not give up and try again.

To try harder, better, smarter.

And I want the same thing for you.

Your time, your money, the person you choose to give your heart to, the state of your emotional being – these are the most important thing you have to offer.

Don’t waste them on idle things.

Get rid of the idea that finding a purpose will make you vulnerable as a person.

That’s ok.

Being vulnerable is ok.

Find a purpose, let it consume everything that you do (the way you walk, the way you talk, the things you choose to share with the world) – and start living a better life where every fabric of your being belongs to the path you have chosen for yourself. Marry your purpose.

Say I do.

Make the commitment firm and clear.

And let everything else fall into place.