When You’re Down And Out

‘And I don’t care if you’re a million times stronger than me’.

‘Mark my words. I’m not going to let them down’.

He was at his lowest point. Completely beaten and defeated. He had given it everything he’s got, but still – he wasn’t able to defeat his greatest enemy.

‘I’m not going to let them down.’

He was talking about his family.

His kid who had just seen him for the first time after many years apart. His wife, a rogue warrior in her own right - who spent her nights praying for his safe return. The entire universe was in his fate.

After all, if he failed to defeat the enemy – chaos and havoc would erupt from the greatest depths of the earth, from coastline to coastline evil and corrupt dictatorship would reign far and supreme.

And as he said those words, barely hanging on to dear life – knowing full well that the entire universe was in his fate… something very special happened.

He was no longer defeated.

He was no longer down and out.

He was a warrior with a greater purpose.

A purpose so large that even when all of the odds were against him – he made it an obligation to not only fight back, but to win. 

Failure was no longer an option.

With the thought of his family still in his mind, enraged and undeniably outraged – he fought back the only way a true warrior can. 

With heart. 

And with a greater purpose.

It wasn’t the end just yet, but he was definitely one step closer.

This scene is from the Freiza saga in the Japanese animation Dragon Ball Z.

Goku wasn’t about to let Freiza get away with his evil ways once again.

And here’s why this is important and how it can apply to you.

Too often we find ourselves defeated in life.

Overwhelmed by the daily hustle - whether it’s the fact that you are struggling to find the work that makes your heart sing, or your fear of being alone.

And when the darkness of our doubts creeps its way into the light of our souls, the immense beauty of life itself can seem to crumble right before our eyes.

I’m alive.

And if you are reading this, you are alive too.

The world is grand and incredible with an abundance of gifts and opportunities.

But the doubts keep coming in.

And you keep falling back into the darkness.

They say that prevention is better than finding the cure.

And I agree.

When you’re down and out – no cure, no matter how good it might seem will ever be able to bring you back up. You’ve fallen too deep into the subconscious of your mental darkness. You can’t see the light.

But prevention.

Prevention is the key.

Preventing yourself from appealing to the dark side of the force.

Preventing your mind from falling victom to the false paranoia.

Preventing your deepest dreams and desires from ever seeing the light of day.

Preventing yourself from falling down and out by having a purpose so large, so immense in its commitments to you and everyone around you that nothing will ever be able to stop you from achieving what you are set out to achieve.

Not your enemy.

Not the economy.

And not even yourself.

After watching that episode of Dragon Ball Z I found myself asking:

What would have happened if Goku didn’t have a greater purpose?

Surely he would have been defeated right then and there, right?

And it’s the same for you and me.

Defeat will always be around the corner, waiting for it’s chance to grab you by the horns and drag you down to a place you don’t deserve to be.

But maybe.

Just maybe…

If you have a purpose big enough, a definite reason for overcoming your defeat, then perhaps you would be able to find the strength and courage to pack one more punch. Just one more punch. Sometimes, that's all it takes.

And maybe that would be the only thing you need to gather your strength, get yourself right back up even in the face of failure – and give it another shot.